Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pelicans Are Masters Of Aerodynamics

Recently I was out on the beach and noticed pelicans fly low to the water. When the wave comes up they ride the energy in the curl like a surfer then go up when it crashes. They repeat this using the energy of the wave. Pelicans also fly in formation. Even with 2 pelicans like in this video they clearly use each other to make the task of traveling in the air easier.


A Bird Flies Behind A Tree And The Film Does Not Stop

It is hard when a bird goes behind a tree. I wonder If I should just cut the footage. In this case I continue filming. Watch the video to see the results.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Birds Will Always Fly With The Wind

When the wind blows a direction birds will sometimes ride it. In this video the birds may also be flying to shore for the night. You be the judge!


Life Is Going To The Birds. (And Filming Them!)

When birds fly in formation in circles I know something is in the air. Birds are genious and know of weather changes and new grand openings of land fills. They can smell it! Check out this fascinating video of birds above me!


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